Corporate Information


What is MAVERIX INTERNATIONAL’s mission statement?

We have no such thing as a mission statement. We just help companies, organizations and individuals communicate beyond their national, geographic and emotional boundaries by providing high-quality, easy-to-understand and resonating translation services tailored to meet each customer’s unique needs. By doing so, if we could contribute, in some small way, to making this world a better place to live, we would be very happy.

What language services do you offer?

We currently offer Japanese and English language services.

Any other languages?

In the twenty-some years of our existence, we have provided French, German and Chinese language services in addition to English and Japanese. Currently we specialize in English and Japanese. We chose to narrow our offerings to the languages we think we can make a difference in. But we continue to explore the possibilities of offering services in other languages.


MAVERIX INTERNATIONAL is located in Kyotamba Town, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan.

What is the mailing address of MAVERIX INTERNATIONAL?

55-58 Miyanoura Tomugi 622-0232 JAPAN

Can I contact somebody there by phone?

Yes. Please call 0771-82-0066 if you are calling from Japan. From outside Japan, please call 81-771-82-0066.

Can I contact by e-mail?

Please click here.

When was MAVERIX INTERNATIONAL incorporated?

MAVERIX INTERNATIONAL was incorporated in Minoo (pronounced [me-NO-o]) City, Osaka, on January 16, 1990.

Who took photos on the front page of the Maverix website?

All photos on the front page were taken by Shashinsky, an ardent amateur photographer.

Didn’t you think of using stock photos shot by professionals?

Stock photos suck. No, seriously, we don’t use stock photos because we want our cover photos to communicate, share our feelings, with those who have taken the time to visit our website. We don’t think stock photos can do that.

Who is the head guy of MAVERIX INTERNATIONAL?

MAVERIX INTERNATIONAL was started and continues to be run by Shigeki Yamamoto.

Who is Shigeki Yamamoto?

Please read this self-introduction penned by him.